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Graduate Scholarships: Partial graduate scholarships are available for study in the Department of Art History of the Hebrew University. In cases of extreme need, full graduate scholarships are also available. See below for traveling scholarships.
Café Lisbon
Clarice Smith, Café Lisbon, 1999, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 in

Current criterion:
The criterion for scholarships is set by the Faculty of the Humanities. Entering MA and PhD students must have at least an average of 90 in their studies in Art History in their previous BA or MA degrees. PhD Students must have had their dissertation topic approved before they can be granted a scholarship.  Click here for criteria for Advanced MA and PhD. students.

To apply for a graduate scholarship, the student must be registered in the Department of Art History of the Hebrew University for an MA or PhD. degree, or must be registered in a program of individual study for these degrees with one of the teachers in the Department of Art History as a supervisor. Applicants must fill out the scholarship forms that may be obtained from the secretary, Mrs. Anat Revivo (Humanities, room 4608) at the end of the previous academic year. These forms must be returned to her by the beginning of the academic year in which the student wishes to receive the scholarship.

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