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Travel Grants for Graduate and Post-Doctoral Students: Most of the grants are reserved for doctoral candidates in the second stage of their studies (after their dissertation subjects have been approved by their committees). However, a limited number of grants are reserved for master's students with a clearly defined thesis research project, and for post-doctoral students. The grants will cover only part of the travel and research expenses.

Criterion: To be eligible for a travel grant, a graduate student must be registered at the Hebrew University, and must be researching an art historical topic. The student may be studying in any department of the Hebrew University, and not only in the Department of the History of Art  Post-doctoral grants are reserved for those teaching in the Department of Art History of the Hebrew University.

To apply for a travel grant: Applicants must write a letter to the Center stating their research topic, the purpose of their intended travel and the length of time involved. In the case of students from departments other than Art History, the letter should explain exactly in what way their research subject deals with art. Applicants must provide the Center with an expense budget covering plane and train or bus tickets (with a pro-forma invoice for the plane ticket),board and lodging, and

Côte d'Azur,Pines
Clarice Smith, Côte d'Azur, Pines, 1999, oil on canvas, 26 x 24 in

other expenses such as photography.  The application should include a letter from the student's supervisor explaining the importance of  this trip for the student's specific research. Applications should be sent to the Director of the Center.

Dates for submitting applications: Those wishing to travel abroad in the summer or in the Fall semester must have their applications in by June 15 of that year. Those planning to travel during the break between the Fall and Spring terms or during the Spring Semester, must have their  applications in by the beginning of the Fall Semester.

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