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Research grants: Research grants are meant to help students and young researchers to cover some of the costs of their research. These grants do not cover travel abroad.

Criterion: To be eligible for a research grant, a graduate student must be registered at the Hebrew University, and must be researching an art historical topic. The student may be studying in any department of the Hebrew University, and not only in the Department of the History of Art. Post-doctoral and staff grants are reserved for those teaching Art History or related disciplines at the Hebrew University.

To apply for a research grant: Applicants must write a letter to the Center stating their research topic, the purpose of the grant, and the budget requested. In the case of students or staff from departments other than Art History, the letter should explain exactly in what way their research subject deals with art. Students must provide the Center with a letter of recommendation from their supervisor explaining the importance of these expenses for the student's research. Applications should be sent to the Director of the Center.


Gallé Glass  
Clarice Smith, Gallé Glass, 1999, oil on canvas, 36 x 24 in
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