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The Robert H. and Clarice Smith Center for the History of Art was offically established at the Hebrew University in 1987 to promote excellence in the field of the History of Art in Israel.
Dinner for Two
Clarice Smith, Dinner for Two, 1999, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 in

Academic Committee:
Academic Chair:
Prof. Luba Freedman, Department of the History of Art.
Prof. Rachel Milstein, Department of Islamic and Near Eastern Studies.

Prof. Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Department of the History of Art
Prof. Reuven Amitai, Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities
Prof. Bianca Kühnel, Department of the History of Art
Dr. Tallay Ornan, Department of the History of Art and Department of Archaeology
Prof. Joseph Patrich, Department of Archaeology
Prof. Shalom Sabar, The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies
Dr. Sarit Shalev-Eyni, Department of the History of Art
Dr. Rina Talgam, Department of the History of Art

Secretary: Mrs. Anat Revivo, Department of the History of Art

The Center operates with the following objectives in mind (for more information on each of these objectives, click on the link):

  1. To sponsor graduate and post-graduate study in the field of art history in all its aspects through the granting of scholarships and fellowships. Since its inception, the Center has granted well over one hundred such scholarships to outstanding students.
  2. To enable advanced graduate and post-graduate students to travel abroad in order to utilize research libraries and to see the works of art that they are investigating for their MA or PhD theses. Since its inception, the Center has awarded over ninety travel grants for these purposes.
  3. To provide limited research grants for graduate and post-graduate students as well as for junior staff of the Hebrew University engaged in researching artworks. Such research grants are designed primarily to help cover photographic and drafting expenses. They may also include partial subsidies for the publication of books. To date, over thirty such grants have been provided.
  4. To organize or contribute to the organization of congresses dealing with art history, as well as to invite artists and art historians for individual lectures at the Hebrew University.
  5. To help the Department of Art History of the Hebrew University to enter the 21st century, first by aiding in the computerization both of the introductory courses in Art History and of the Department's slide library, and second by purchasing videos, DVDs and other advanced computer resources dealing with art for use in the Department's courses and library.
  6. To help the Department of Art History organize short group tours abroad for students as part of their undergraduate and graduate seminars, so that they can examine and experience the works of art they are studying in situ under the guidance of their teachers. This aid takes the form of small subsidies to the students to help cover the cost of the trip.
  7. To aid in the integration of new immigrant art historians into Israeli university life in conjunction with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.
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